discussion of reality and illusion in literature and film

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

While reading "The Magus" and thinking of illusion and reality it occured to me that we have not brought up the topic of drugs. Drugs seems to be significant to Neo seeing reality in the "Matrix", in "Alice and Wonderland", etc. So the question might be, as Timothy Leary would argue, that an altered state of consciousness allows one to see past the illusion of our society and tune into reality. Or, is it that drugs merely give the illusion of experiencing a different reality. Seems circular, but worth discussing I think. Perhaps drugs, as Marx saw it, is similar to Religions. Depending on your view, for both, and how incorporated they are in your life will surely affect your view of reality and illusion.

Also itt seems impossible to discuss reality and illusion without also discussing notions of truth, falseness, sane and insane and much more......

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